Short history

Since its beginnings Masseria Celidonia has been a frantic shop of people.

Built on a gentle plain, in a strategic position for control of the territory, it was chosen by Messapians for their first installation; here they manufactured their furniture, raised their flocks and particularly molded clay, in fact many terracotta fragments are still found in the surrounding ground.

The Masseria was probably built to offer shelter and meals, also for its closeness to the Sanctuary of Madonna of Pasano, to the believers and to crusaders travelling to Otranto to board for Palestine.

Ours is a land of ancient memory. Crossroad of populations come in peace and war like the Hittites and the Messapians. We are the crib of Magna Graecia, the world of King Frederick II, the people of Manfredi, of the Byzantines, of the Spaniards. We were the people controlled by brigands, and also those engaged in social struggles.

We are welcoming people.

Of the original structure we recovered the principal plant, just letting re-emerge the bare materials, of multiple nature and different colors, sign of the use of secondary or discarded materials, or just of the modesty of the people that built it.

We at Masseria Celidonia were able to enhance its essential architecture by opening passages for light, stupendous glass doors that lead to the superb garden, by enriching interiors with furnishing and refined ceramics, in order to join respect for the ancient history of the place with modern comfort.


Climate control

Completely air-conditioned structure


20 hectares of Mediterranean Maquis


Deluxe, modern and functional rooms

Swimming pool

2 panoramic swimming pools connected by a fall for total 1600 sqm


Restaurant with dishes mostly cooked with organic products


Check-in from 3 pm - Check-out within 11 am


Equipped solarium


Hypogea massage room


Buffet breakfast


FREE Wi-fi


Luggage room


Reserved and free parking lot

The restaurant: tradition

Our history lives in our dishes, in our simple and healthy meals, in our wines, our oil, our vegetables, our cheeses and meats. The produce used in our kitchen are grown for most part in our farm, certified organic.
Our chef is able to create dishes unique for taste and presentation.